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Welcome to the Land of Gross National Happiness : Bhutan 

Bhutan is indeed the Last Shangri-La.

What Bhutan can offer today is what others don’t have at all. Bhutan is virtually a very unique destination and is priceless. Money cannot buy what Bhutan has got to offer. If you are seeking Five Star Comforts, Shopping Paradise, Dazzling Nightlife, so on and so forth, Bhutan is not the destination for you. But, on the other hand, in this 21st century, if you are looking for a destination where you can experience something of the past as well as something of present, then Bhutan is the place to be. Perhaps, Bhutan is the last bastion of Mahayana Buddhism in the Himalayas.

The Kingdom is spread over 46,500 square kilometres with varied climatic conditions ranging from the sub-tropical in the south to the cold reaches of almost 25,000 feet snow-capped mountains in the north ... read more

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